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Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Rainbow Analyst fail to load?

The most likely reason for this is that you need to adjust your macro security settings:

  • Click the File tab (or Office Button) in Excel, then click Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Add-Ins.
  • If there is a tick in the first or the third of the three checkboxes under this category, deselect the ticked option, and then click OK.
  • Close and re-start Excel, and Rainbow Analyst should load and run as normal.
Why does Rainbow Analyst fail to load on my work computer?

If you work for a large organisation, and after installing Rainbow Analyst on your work computer you find that there is simply no sign of the Rainbow tab in Excel, then the problem may well be with the Microsoft Group Policy settings for Office 2016 or Excel 2016 that have been applied by your IT administrator. The settings most likely to be involved are the following, which together ensure that only certain specified (“managed”) Excel add-ins can be installed:

But there are also a number of other Group Policy settings which can prevent Rainbow from running, including:

If it seems likely that Group Policy settings may be the problem, you will need to check with your IT administrator whether they are using any of the settings listed above.

Why does the Rainbow tab disappear after initial installation?

Following a July 2016 Microsoft Office Security Update, you may need to “unblock” the Rainbow add-in file. To do this, first locate the add-in file RainbowPro.xlam in your add-ins folder as explained on our Installation page.

Then right-click the file in File Explorer (Windows Explorer) and click Properties. At the bottom of the General tab you should see a Security section; check (tick) the box marked Unblock.

Click OK, then close and re-start Excel, and Rainbow Analyst should load and run as normal.

Why do I get asked to 'Click OK to activate Rainbow Analyst' every time I start Excel?

The message box asking you to “Click OK to activate Rainbow Analyst” was introduced in Rainbow version 12.4, and it allows Excel to complete the final stage in the new (Windows Installer) process for installing Rainbow.

Normally this message box will only be displayed once (to complete installation). However, if you were unable to complete installing the current version of Rainbow, and you went back to an earlier version (before 12.4), this message box might continue to pop up every time you start Excel.

You can stop this happening by installing a current version of Rainbow, or you can disable it manually in either of two ways:

(1) In registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\RainbowAnalyst you can change the value of RunInstall from 1 to 0 (zero).

(2) Or in folder Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART you can delete the file AddRainbowPro.xlam.

Why have the scroll bars at the edge of the screen disappeared?

Rainbow temporarily hides the scroll bars while functions are running in order to speed up processing, and very occasionally (for instance if Excel crashes) the scroll bars may be left in this hidden state. You can restore them in your Excel Options (click File, Options, Advanced), but it’s much quicker just to go to the Rainbow tab, click Summary Report (or any of Rainbow’s main functions), then click Cancel.

Why do I get asked for the Rainbow Password when I exit from Excel?

This is because certain other software does not properly acknowledge password-protected VBA project files like the Rainbow Analyst add-in file. In particular this problem can be caused by:

  • Google Desktop, or
  • certain COM add-ins for Excel, e.g. WinDIP or the Adobe Acrobat add-in.

The best solution is to find and deactivate the relevant software; you may need to try deactivating or uninstalling several software items until you find which one is causing the problem.

You can view and manage your COM add-ins if you click the File tab and then Options and Add-Ins, then at the bottom of the dialog box select (Manage) COM Add-Ins and click Go. If for instance you then find that the WindDIP add-in is active, you can uncheck the checkbox to deactivate it, or click Remove to uninstall it, then click OK. You may then need to reboot your PC, and you should find that this has resolved the problem.

If for some reason you are unable to identify or deactivate the software that is causing the problem, you could try one or both of the following:

  • In the Rainbow Password dialog box, click Cancel and/or press the Esc key repeatedly until the password box disappears.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and start Task Manager, then under the Processes tab look for a process named EXCEL.EXE (i.e. an instance of Excel running in the background). Click on this, then click End Process and follow the prompts to close this instance of Excel.
Why does Rainbow change my Excel calculation setting?

Every Excel workbook is saved with a calculation setting; this can be Automatic, Automatic except for data tables, or Manual, and you can find it if you click the File tab (or Microsoft Office button), then Options, then Formulas. Excel can only have one calculation setting (even when more than one workbook is open), so in general it uses the calculation setting of the first workbook that you open. Normally Rainbow Analyst doesn’t affect this setting, even though there is a Rainbow Analyst workbook that forms part of the Rainbow add-in file.

However, versions of Rainbow up to 7.2 sometimes automatically re-saved the Rainbow add-in file when you first opened it, as a “housekeeping” process to clear out data left over from the previous session. When this happened, Excel applied the calculation setting from the Rainbow add-in file as if it were the first opened workbook, and if Rainbow was saved with Manual calculation, then Excel used Manual calculation even if you subsequently opened a workbook which was saved with the calculation set as Automatic.

To avoid this problem, later versions of Rainbow up to 12.0 deliberately set the calculation mode to Automatic on startup, but this resulted in the opposite problem for users who then opened a workbook which had been saved with Manual calculation. And so from version 12.1 onward Rainbow does not change the calculation mode; this will be set as normal according to the first workbook that you open. But if you still wish to have it set to Automatic by Rainbow, you can simply click Preferences and select the relevant option.

How do I uninstall Rainbow?

To uninstall Rainbow version 12.4 or later, open Windows Settings, click Apps, scroll down and click Rainbow Analyst, then click Uninstall.

To uninstall Rainbow versions 10 to 12.3, click Preferences (or Menu Settings in version 10) on the Rainbow tab, then click Uninstall.

To uninstall earlier versions of Rainbow, you can delete the Rainbow add-in file from your Excel add-ins folder. If you are not sure which is your Excel add-ins folder, see the notes on our Download page. But you don’t need to delete the file; you can simply deactivate Rainbow in the list of your Excel add-ins (again see our Download page for more details).

After uninstalling Rainbow, when you next start Excel you may get a message “Sorry, we couldn’t find C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns\RainbowPro.xlam”. To stop this message appearing, just click File, Options, Add-ins, Go, then deselect the RainbowPro add-in and click Yes to remove it from the add-ins list.

Why does Excel say it cannot open the file 'RainbowPro.xlam'?

Occasionally when you try to open Rainbow Analyst you may get an error message stating that “Excel cannot open the file ‘RainbowPro.xlam’ because the file format or file extension is not valid.” This error message is rather misleading in that it suggests that the Rainbow add-in file has somehow become corrupted.

In practice (at least in a corporate environment) the most likely explanation is that you do not have permission to open the file, as explained in this iSumsoft IT Blog post. You will probably need to ask your IT administrator to resolve this issue.

Why do I get warnings that access to Visual Basic code is not enabled?

Several of Rainbow’s functions (such as the Menu Guide) will not work unless they are able to access the Visual Basic settings in Excel. If access has been disabled, Rainbow will let you know about this when you try to run a function that needs this access.

To enable access, click the File tab (or Office Button) in Excel, then click Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Macro Settings. Then check (tick) the box ‘Trust access to the VBA project object model’ and click OK.

If you find that ‘Trust access to the VBA project object model’ is greyed out (disabled), this means that your IT administrator has disabled access. You will need to ask them to change the Windows Registry value HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Excel\Security\AccessVBOM from 0 to 1.

How can I make Rainbow Analyst a Trusted Publisher?

If you cannot deselect the Trust Center Settings as described in an earlier FAQ above, it may help to add the publisher of Rainbow Analyst (Mike Shallcross) to your Trusted Publishers list. To do this you will need to deactivate Rainbow Analyst as an add-in and open it as a normal Excel document:

  • On the File tab click Options, Add-ins, Go…, or on the Developer tab click Excel Add-ins, and deselect Rainbow (if it is selected).
  • On the File tab click Open, and navigate to the folder Windows (C:) > Users > [your Windows user name] > AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > AddIns.
  • Select the Rainbow add-in file (RainbowPro.xlam), click Open, and you should see a Microsoft Excel Security Notice warning that “The digital signature is valid, but the signature is from a publisher whom you have not yet chosen to trust.”
  • Click the button labelled “Trust all from publisher” to add the publisher of Rainbow Analyst to your Trusted Publishers list.
  • Close and restart Excel, and reactivate (re-select) Rainbow as an add-in (see step 1 above).
Does Rainbow send any of my data over the Internet?

Rainbow does not send any data over the Internet. The only Rainbow function that uses the Internet is Check For Updates, which downloads a small data file from our website to check for the latest version of Rainbow, and it can then also download and install the latest Rainbow version. Rainbow verifies your licence using an internal algorithm, which does not involve sending any data to or from our website.

Why does my licence key no longer work?

If your licence key originally worked with Rainbow version 7.2 or earlier, and you haven’t changed your Excel user name, the most likely explanation is that you have downloaded the current version (8.0 or later) of Rainbow Pro. This uses a different system for the licence key (linked to your name and email address), and will not accept your old licence key. Please contact us for further help in this situation.

Why can't I find the folder where the Rainbow log file is stored?

The Rainbow log file (RainbowLog.txt) may be stored in a “hidden” folder for temporary files, usually at C:\Users\[Your user name]\AppData\Local\Temp\RainbowAnalyst. Starting with Rainbow Pro version 8.2, the exact location of the file is stated at the beginning (on line 2) of the log file itself.

If you cannot see the AppData folder under your user name folder, this means that you need to enable Windows to show hidden files and folders. In Windows Explorer, click Tools and then Folder Options (in Windows XP or Vista) or click Organize and then Folder and search options (in Windows 7). In the Folder Options dialog box, click the View tab, then under Advanced settings, Hidden files and folders, click “Show hidden files, folders and drives”. Click OK, then close and reopen Windows Explorer, and you will see the AppData folder.

There is a much easier option starting with Rainbow Pro version 12.0. Simply click under Deep Clean, then Temp Files, and Rainbow will open a copy of File Explorer showing the folder containing the Rainbow log file.

Why does my Excel screen go blank?

Although Rainbow has been designed to perform quickly and efficiently, in a very large workbook some functions may take many minutes to complete. In this situation the application title (at the very top of the screen) may show “Not Responding”, or the working area of the screen may go blank. This does not indicate a problem; Rainbow is still working away, and you can track its progress on the status bar (near the bottom of the screen). If you do need to interrupt it, just press Esc or Ctrl+Break.

How can I remove my licence data after my 30-day trial has ended?

After your 30-day free trial has ended, Rainbow normally retains some basic information about the free trial period. However, you can remove this by following these steps:

  • If your installed version of Rainbow is earlier than (or if you are not sure what version is installed), go to our website and download and install the latest version.
  • Start Excel and go to the Add-Ins tab, where you will see a Rainbow group with a Register button. Click the down arrow below this button, then select Uninstall and follow the prompts to remove Rainbow from your computer.

You should find that all traces of the Rainbow software (including information about the free trial period) has now been removed from your computer.

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