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Four leading-edge spreadsheet audit tools combined in one

Rainbow Analyst (so named for its uniquely powerful use of colour-coding) combines several areas of world-class spreadsheet auditing functionality:

  • Excel™ spreadsheet audit and analysis tools with formula grouping and >50 analysis options.
  • Spreadsheet comparison tools to track differences in cell formulas, macro code and other content.
  • A unique set of spreadsheet clean-up tools which can even repair Excel’s underlying XML files.
  • An audit sampling tool with three different methods of sample selection and a sample size calculator.

When we compared Rainbow Analyst with another app “recognised as the industry standard”, Rainbow came out well ahead in its overall range of functionality.

Proven Track Record

In use around the world

Rainbow Analyst started life more than 20 years ago, and it is now in use by thousands of spreadsheet professionals around the globe.

Whether you are a multinational corporation or an individual consultant, we have a licensing model that can work for you!

Audit Wales

I hands down think it is the best available and that is from a CFO of 33 years that started on Visicalc.

Chief Financial Officer, USA

Rainbow is very impressive. I have tried a number of add-ins, but Rainbow is in a class of its own.

Financial consultant, UK

It really is a great product and recently saved my bacon by finding a $500,000 error in my budget for next year. An error of this amount would have had a major impact on our results.

Financial Controller, Australia

Rainbow Pro has paid for itself already when it was able to remove 150,000 named ranges (most of them nonsensical) from a very large file that ran out of resources using conventional means.

Management consultant, UK

Up until now it has taken us days to trawl through models but your add-in has reduced this to a matter of hours. It is very powerful and well worth the money.

Treasury Manager, Australia

Some key Rainbow functions

What Rainbow Analyst can do for you

Summary Report

Provides an overview of the current workbook, with an overall score and key information about potential risks in each sheet.

Password Tool

Unzips the workbook file to delete passwords and remove protection from worksheets and the workbook.

Structure Map

Creates a visual map of the structure of a workbook showing the sheets and their interconnections.

Formula Scan map

Highlights blocks of copied formulas, so that omissions, hard-coded numbers, and inconsistent formulas are immediately visible.

Formula Scan report

Highlights blocks of copied formulas, and generates a report listing each unique formula for systematic spreadsheet audit.

Issue Tracker

Helps you track unresolved issues and collaborate with colleagues to correct errors.

Data Explorer

Generates an interactive report of pivot, query and data tables and lets you edit the underlying pivot caches and data connections.

Cell Inspector

Interactive tool for tracing precedents and dependents, with a best-guess description of what each cell means.

Risk Map

Generates reports and colour maps showing potentially risky patterns, checks, formulas and hidden cells.

Quick Clean-Up

Unhides hidden sheets, rows and columns, unprotects protected sheets, and optionally clears cell colours.

Deep Clean

Unzips the workbook file and lets you reset custom styles, list all external links, and delete names with phantom links. It was able to reduce the size of this severely corrupted workbook from 2.9 MB to 0.8 MB.

Comparison Toolbox

Compares worksheets, workbooks, or ranges within a worksheet or workbook, and also macros in different workbooks.

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