Rainbow Analyst: three world-class Excel™ spreadsheet audit tools in one

Currently in use by thousands of professionals worldwide, Rainbow Analyst combines three areas of leading-edge spreadsheet auditing functionality which are more usually available only as separate products:

  • Excel™ spreadsheet audit and analysis tools with formula grouping and more than 50 analysis options.
  • Spreadsheet comparison tools to track differences not only in cell formulas but in macro code and other content.
  • A unique set of spreadsheet clean-up tools which are even capable of repairing Excel’s underlying XML files.

Find Excel spreadsheet errors fast with Rainbow Analyst spreadsheet audit tools

Spreadsheet Auditing in 3 StepsRainbow Analyst has been ranked #1 in an independent study of spreadsheet audit tools, and is in regular use by one of the UK’s largest accounting firms and other major organisations.

For a 4-minute introduction to spreadsheet auditing with Rainbow Pro, using a real-life financial model, click the video link (Spreadsheet Auditing in 3 Steps) or watch on YouTube. And then click the Download button below to install your 30-day free trial copy of Rainbow Pro and check it out for yourself!

Download Rainbow Analyst Professional 12, our flagship product for Excel versions from 2007 onwards.

(Note: Because Rainbow Analyst is not a commonly-used application, Windows SmartScreen may report the download file as an “unrecognised application” and stop it running. If this happens, just click “More info” in the SmartScreen message, then click the “Run anyway” button.)

Manage your corporate inventory of Excel spreadsheets with Rainbow Governance

While Rainbow Pro provides industry-leading tools for auditing individual spreadsheets, we recognise that there is often a need to manage spreadsheet use across the entire organisation. So we have teamed up with our colleagues at Diligence for Excel to create Rainbow Governance, a version of Rainbow which (in addition to all the functionality of Rainbow Pro) offers a tried-and-tested solution for monitoring quality and tracking changes across your entire inventory of spreadsheets.

In Rainbow Governance, the Rainbow tab contains an additional Governance group of functions. These enable you to add an automatically-generated Table of Contents sheet at the front of each spreadsheet, which Rainbow Governance uses to register your spreadsheet, keep track of changes, and alert you to structural and design issues. And at any time Rainbow can generate a Governance report listing your entire inventory of registered spreadsheets, so that you can see at a glance the state of health of your organisation’s spreadsheet use. Click the Download button below to install your 30-day free trial copy!

Download Rainbow Governance 12, our premium product for managing Excel spreadsheets across your enterprise.

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