Version 5.1 now Excel® 2007 compatible

We have just released version 5.1 of Rainbow Analyst Professional, and the main news about this release is that it is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007. We have fixed a few issues that made previous releases incompatible with Excel 2007, so you can now use Rainbow Analyst Professional with the latest version of Microsoft Office.

Version 5.1 does not directly use Microsoft’s Ribbon interface, but it appears inside an Add-Ins tab on the Ribbon, where you can access the Rainbow menu and toolbar. The steps for installing and trouble-shooting Rainbow Analyst under Office 2007 are quite different from previous versions of Excel, so we have now included full details of the Office 2007 procedures on other pages of our site.

If you currently have a single-user licence for version 5.0, you can download and install version 5.1 for free from the Download page of our website. If you have a corporate site licence, please contact us for details of how to upgrade.

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