Usability improvements in Rainbow 11.4

Usability improvements in Rainbow 11.4

With Rainbow 11.4 our main focus has been on usability rather than new functions. We’ve gone behind the scenes to optimise some of the user interface code, and you’ll now find that Rainbow loads more quickly, and starts individual functions more smoothly and with less screen flicker.

You’ll also notice that you can scroll up and down much more easily in the Help text and Log file dialog boxes, and (as shown above) the Rainbow log function now defaults to displaying the end of the Rainbow log file, so you can easily see the latest content added to the log.

There are some other minor functionality improvements; in particular in various reports we are now using colour on every row (instead of on alternate rows), and in the Data Links report (shown above) this means that every link will have its own colour. In this instance there are 7 links, and in the report you can click on any colour in column A, then press ALT+F9 to see the index number of the relevant link.

We have also continued working with our large corporate clients to ensure that Rainbow can be deployed easily and effectively at scale. Specifically the Rainbow installer file can now be run silently (with the usual /s switch), and we can provide detailed instructions on remote deployment using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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