Rainbow 9.2 saves time for your team

Rainbow 9.2 saves time for your team

With Rainbow 9.2 we’ve built on the behind-the-scenes changes in version 9.0 to deliver significant new front-end capabilities:

  1. We’ve integrated Rainbow’s in-depth testing capabilities (in Risk Map and Logic Analysis) into the Formula Scan function (renamed from Formula Groups). Formula Scan can now perform a battery of tests on each formula as it scans, and it can flag and annotate formulas where it finds any issues.
  2. The all-new Issue Tracker can then pick up any flagged or annotated formulas, and provide you and your team with the tools you need to manage the spreadsheet audit process and ensure that all issues are appropriately recorded and resolved.

The Issue Tracker (shown in the screenshot above) supports either single or collaborative working at a number of levels:

  1. At the simplest level, it lets you add one of three clearly visible flags (as shown above) to a cell to indicate a query, a resolved issue or an error.
  2. To help prioritise workflow, you can add a priority level (from 1 to 9) to any flagged cell, and you can generate a report allowing you to sort or filter cells by flag and priority level.
  3. For sophisticated workflow management in a team environment, the Issue Tracker’s messaging system lets you add any number of messages to a cell (stored in a custom Rainbow comment). You can scroll through (and add to) these messages in the Issue Tracker window, and messages from different users are shown with different colours to clarify the team dialogue. The most recent message for each flagged cell is shown in the Issue Tracker report.

As well as these headline developments, we’ve also made a number of smaller improvements, including changes to make the Summary Report even more meaningful by adding a measure of overall formula complexity for each worksheet. So we hope you’ll agree that with Rainbow 9.2 we’ve created a systematic process for spreadsheet auditing that can really save time for you and your team.

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