Quickly undo changes with Rainbow 11.2

Quickly undo changes with Rainbow 11.2

Rainbow has offered an Undo Changes function for many years, and we made it much more visible in the recently redesigned menu (in version 11.0). However, as you probably know, it was only able to operate if you had already used the Save Format function to create a “format restore point” to which Rainbow could go back.

This is still the only way to be certain of undoing all Rainbow’s changes, but in version 11.2 we have introduced a quick-and-easy alternative. As shown in the composite screenshot above, if you click Undo Changes when there is no available format restore point, Rainbow will take you to the newly updated Clear Cell Colours function.

This function is now able to selectively clear just the cell colours generated by Rainbow, leaving other cell colours untouched. Of course if Rainbow has overwritten another colour then the previous cell colour will not be restored, but in many cases this new functionality will provide an effective alternative to Undo Changes.

If you’re wondering how Rainbow knows which cell colours it has generated, the answer is that the colours used by Rainbow have been specifically designed to be very slightly different (with a slightly different RGB value) from the colours generally available in Excel. There is still a small chance that a workbook may happen to contain one of the Rainbow colours, but this is really quite unlikely.

The other main change in Rainbow 11.2, as you can see above, is that (some of) the icons have been updated. The latest version of Office 365 (depending on which Microsoft release channel you have selected) features new icons with a cleaner and simpler appearance. However, some of these no longer suited their function on the Rainbow ribbon menu, and so we have made a number of changes to ensure a clean and consistent appearance for the Rainbow menu. We hope you like it!

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