New Rainbow versions are even easier to use

New Rainbow versions are even easier to use

We’ve just released Rainbow Analyst Professional version 7.2.2, which is all about ease of use and fewer mouse clicks to get where you’re going. In particular, as you can see from the composite screenshot above, we’ve added a section to the Preferences form so that you can tell Rainbow in advance how you want it to select a workbook for its reports. This means that when you start Excel (and Rainbow), you can run one of Rainbow’s reports in just a couple of mouse clicks, without having to stop and tell Rainbow each time where to put its reports.

You can see we’ve also improved the Reset Reports function so that on the odd occasion when you need to change to a different reports workbook, you have all the information and flexibility that you need. And behind the scenes we’ve also tidied up a few other areas where there were unnecessary mouse clicks; for instance we’ve made sure that the Map Risks dialogue box retains whatever analysis options you’ve chosen even when you select a different workbook or worksheet(s).

And with all the latest improvements, we’ve decided that Rainbow version 7.2 is now so far ahead of version 5.1 that it no longer makes sense for us to charge for version 5.1. So we’ve re-released version 5.1 as Rainbow Analyst Personal 5, and made it available completely free!

And finally you’ll notice that our website has a new look and feel. This isn’t just about improving its appearance; it’s also about making it easier to navigate and use. In particular, the Purchase page now has proper shopping cart functionality, and generally works much more smoothly that the previous version. So altogether we hope you’ll enjoy using the new site and the new versions of Rainbow Analyst!

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