New easy menu system in Rainbow 12.1

New easy menu system in Rainbow 12.1

We’ve been thinking for a while about how to make it easy to find all Rainbow’s functions, even the ones hidden away under the buttons on the Rainbow tab. And we’ve now found a way to do this with a new easy menu system that works seamlessly within the existing tab.

As you can see from the composite screenshot above, there is a new Menu button at the left of the Rainbow tab. This gives you a clear, easy menu of all Rainbow’s functions laid out in a table, where the top row shows all the main buttons and each column lists the functions under each main button. You can hover over any square in the table to see a brief description of the function, and then just click to run it. So if you’re not sure where to find a particular Rainbow function, just click the Menu button and you’ll see it right there on screen.

On the same theme of making Rainbow as easy as possible to use, we’ve simplified the Undo Changes function. Previously if you didn’t have any formatting information saved (with the Save Format function), you had to go to Clear Cell Colours and then Delete Comments to get rid of Rainbow’s formatting and other changes. Now it’s all handled seamlessly in the enhanced Undo Changes function, as you can see in the screenshot above.

We’ve also fixed an issue with the Logic Colours function, and added a new system to move this and other information windows (for the Issue Tracker and the Cell Inspector) out of the way of whatever cell you’re examining. So altogether we hope you’ll find that the new easy menu system and other new features make using Rainbow an even more intuitive experience than before!

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