Manage all your spreadsheets with Rainbow 11.0

Manage all your spreadsheets with Rainbow 11.0

You may have already noticed that with the release of Rainbow version 11.0 there are now two editions of Rainbow that you can download from our Home page: Rainbow Analyst Professional (Rainbow Pro) and Rainbow Governance. And if you download Rainbow Governance after having used an earlier version of Rainbow Pro, you will immediately see that the Rainbow tab (as in the composite screenshot above) looks very different.

Governance groupThe most obvious reason for the difference is that in Rainbow Governance there is an additional “Governance” group of functions on the left before the standard Rainbow Pro functions. These enable you to add an automatically-generated Table of Contents sheet at the front of each spreadsheet, which Rainbow Governance uses to register your spreadsheet, keep track of changes, and alert you to structural and design issues. And at any time Rainbow can generate a Governance report listing your entire inventory of registered spreadsheets, so that you can see at a glance the state of health of your organisation’s spreadsheet use.

We added the new Governance functions in collaboration with our colleagues at Diligence for Excel, as we wanted to acknowledge that while Rainbow Pro provides industry-leading tools for auditing individual spreadsheets, there is also often a need to manage spreadsheet use across the entire organisation. So Rainbow Governance offers all the functionality of Rainbow Pro plus a tried-and-tested solution for monitoring quality and tracking changes across your entire inventory of spreadsheets.

Comparison menuEven without the new Governance functions, you will notice that the Rainbow tab for Rainbow Analyst Professional (Rainbow Pro, starting with the Summary Report function) now looks rather different from the tab in Rainbow version 10.

This is because Rainbow Pro previously had a dual-menu system, with two different versions of the Rainbow tab, but we found that many users were missing out on the additional features of the Advanced menu (tab). So in version 11 we have succeeded in squeezing all Rainbow’s functions into just the one tab without loss of usability, by making extensive use of “split buttons”.

This means that the large buttons on the Rainbow tab represent Rainbow’s main functions, and you can click on the top half of the button (the icon) to go straight to the relevant function. But if you click the bottom half of the button (the function name), you will see a small drop-down menu with between 1 and 3 subsidiary functions related to the main function. As you can see, the Comparison Toolbox function has two subsidiary functions: Sample Data and Scramble Workbook.

Scramble Workbook is a small utility function that is also new with version 11. It enables you to randomise the data in a workbook (both numbers and optionally text) so that if the workbook is causing problems in Rainbow, you can (if permitted by your organisation) send the randomised version to us for analysis without compromising confidentiality. And equally it allows you to share the workbook with colleagues who may find it helpful to understand the logic but do not need to see the actual data.

Rainbow version 11 also incorporates numerous smaller changes which we believe will make Rainbow even more robust and easier to use. There isn’t space to list all the changes here, so please download a free trial copy and see for yourself!

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