Since introducing the new Menu Guide in version 12.4.2, we have been looking at how to make it even more useful. And we think we’ve now found the answer: a Menu Guide that all fits on one screen, and that’s instantly available when needed. As you can see from the composite screenshot above, the Menu Guide is now automatically zoomed out to fit your screen. And it loads when you start Excel, so it’s available without delay whenever you need it.

In this version of Rainbow we’ve also provided a more informative display of Inter-Sheet Logic. As shown in the lower right of our composite screenshot, the most significant dependencies are now shaded from red through orange to yellow, with the top 5% in red, the next 5% orange, and the next 5% shading from yellow to white.

As usual we’ve also made other improvements behind the scenes, including a modified license management system with more flexible time periods. And as you’ll see in the top left corner of our composite screenshot, we’ve highlighted the Menu Guide with our new Rainbow icon as shown on our website. We hope you like it!