Rainbow version 12.4.0 introduced a new Windows installer system to make it easier to download and install Rainbow from our website. Now with version 12.4.3 we have brought Rainbow’s Check For Updates function into line with the new installer system. To get this new functionality, you’ll first need to update to version 12.4.3 from our website, and then you’ll be good to go!

So once you have version 12.4.3 installed, just click under User Guide, then Check For Updates, and if there’s an update available you’ll see something like the first message box in the composite screenshot above. Just click Yes if you want to update, and Rainbow will guide you through the process. This will involve automatically closing Excel, and you will then see something like the three message boxes along the bottom of the screenshot, before Excel is re-opened.

The Check For Updates function (like the Uninstall function) uses VBScript to perform the uninstall and reinstall. Because VBScript is a very powerful language, it is blocked by some anti-virus software and in many corporate security environments. If this happens, you may be able to enable VBScript by disabling advanced threat protection in your anti-virus software, or by creating an exception for C:\Windows\System32\cscript.exe. Of course if this is not possible, you can still check the latest Rainbow version and (if appropriate) update your own copy manually from our website.

One other change in Rainbow version 12.4.3 is that we’ve updated the digital certificate that we use to “sign” the Rainbow code. The new certificate is valid until 2025, so you can be confident that you will be able to continue to install and use Rainbow for years to come. Why not update to version 12.4.3 now?