Corporate integration in Rainbow 11.3.1

Corporate integration in Rainbow 11.3.1

With Rainbow 11.3.1 we’ve added some further features that will help Rainbow integrate smoothly into a large-corporate environment. In particular, we’ve given you control over two of Rainbow’s functions (Check For Updates and Uninstall) that could potentially cause problems in a corporate IT environment by (a) running a VBScript file and (b) modifying the corporate software status.

With version 11.3.1 you can set a key in the Windows Registry (please contact us for details) that will block these two functions and display an explanatory message for users, as you can see on the right of the composite screenshot above.

Following on from version 11.3.0, we have also renamed the Toggle Rainbow Links function as Tidy Up Reports, and added functionality to remove all the buttons, code and comments that link to Rainbow’s own code, as shown on the left side of the screenshot above. So you can now convert Rainbow reports into plain ordinary spreadsheets that you can easily pass on to colleagues who are not using Rainbow.

As usual there are also other minor improvements, including (as you can see above) a button at the top right of the Summary Report to run the Quick Clean-Up function, which will often be the next step in users’ workflow after the Summary Report.

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