Rainbow Governance single licence + 1 year of updates


A single licence for the latest version of Rainbow Governance, with 1 year of support and updates.


A Governance licence allows you to use the Governance version of Rainbow. This has all the features of Rainbow Pro, enabling you to develop and review your own spreadsheet models and/or provide a service for others, and in addition you will have access to the Governance features which allow you to keep an inventory of all your spreadsheets and track when any of them are changed.

On receipt of your order, we will send you (normally within one working day) a licence key that will enable you to convert your free-trial copy of Rainbow Governance into a fully-licensed version. The licence will entitle you to support and updates for 1 year from the date of purchase, and after this you will still be able to continue using the same version of Rainbow.

Once you have received your licence key, go to the Rainbow tab in Excel, click User Guide and About Rainbow, then enter (copy and paste) your licence key plus your name and email address on the registration form. Click OK and follow the prompts, and Rainbow will display confirmation of your licence details.

For further information see our Licensing page or send an email to support@themodelanswer.com.


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