Rainbow 12.0 brings new functionality

Rainbow 12.0 brings new functionality

We’re proud to announce the release of Rainbow version 12.0, which brings more new features than we can cover in a single post. Some of the highlights are:

  • Analysis options in Risk Map and Logic Analysis increased from 36 to 48.
  • Recognition of new features in Excel like dynamic arrays and threaded comments.
  • New functions to check for risky macro code and compare code between workbooks.
  • New Deep Clean and Deep Compare functions which can analyse and repair Excel’s underlying XML files.

We’ll write more later about the first three points above; for now let’s focus on the last point. As you can see in the composite screenshot above, the Rainbow menu has a new Deep Clean item. This and the Deep Compare function below it both operate by unpacking a workbook file into the individual “XML” text files that comprise it.

This allows the Deep Clean function to edit the XML files in order to remove corrupted excess style information and clean up traces of unused phantom links. And the Deep Compare function compares each of the XML files and gives you a graphical presentation of differences in size and content. This can tell you about differences between two workbooks (or versions of a workbook) that aren’t explained just by differences in cells and formulas.

If you would like more detail about version 12, we’ve put together a Rainbow 12 Update Guide. This also explains the very simple process for upgrading to version 12 if you’re already using Rainbow. And if you’re not, why not go to our Home page and download your free trial?

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