Cleaning up errors

Cleaning up errors

Clean-Up Formats

Have you come across that annoying “Too many different cell formats” error message? This often occurs as a result of copying or importing worksheets from one workbook into another, as described in our earlier news item, and it can be very difficult to eliminate manually. Fortunately, as you can see from the composite screenshot above, Rainbow Pro comes with a function called Clean Up Formats, which in most cases will quickly eliminate the “Too many different cell formats” error.

This is just one of six Clean-Up Tools, which also include the Quick Clean-Up tool; with one click this can unhide hidden sheets, unprotect protected sheets, and unhide hidden rows and columns. And the Hide/Protect function lets you do much more, including hiding and unhiding what Excel calls “very hidden” sheets. A “very hidden” sheet is completely invisible to the ordinary user, and can only be accessed using a tool like Rainbow Analyst.

Also shown above is Rainbow’s Format Editor function, which lets you convert numbers which have been formatted as text – another common source of errors. And we haven’t even begun to describe Rainbow’s error diagnosis functions, from the Summary Report which gives you a quick overview of possible problems, to the very detailed Risk Map and Logic Analysis functions.

You can find out more about these and other functions on our Overview and Why Rainbow pages, and in the Version 10 User Guide. But the best way is really to check out Rainbow for yourself; just click the button below to install a 30-day free trial:

Download Rainbow Analyst Professional 10

(Note: If Windows SmartScreen reports the download file as an “unrecognised application”, just click “More info” in the SmartScreen message, then click the “Run anyway” button.)

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