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Corporate“Great job! Many thanks.” (Head of Finance, UK)

“I hands down think it is the best available and that is from a CFO of 33 years that started on Visicalc.” (Chief Financial Officer, USA)

“I did a demo for [some colleagues], … which they were quite impressed with. Certainly in comparison to some of the other tools that they’ve been looking at which require considerably greater computing power to run in a sensible timescale…” (Business Assurance Manager, UK)

“Your product and services are awesome!” (Financial controller, Germany)

“Thank you for saving hours of my time.” (Forensic accountant, UK)

“We recognise that there are likely to be other ways of analysing such errors, but doubt it would be as effective as Rainbow.” (Local government auditor, UK)

“Rainbow is certainly an impressive product.” (Excel™ consultant, UK)

“Let me congratulate you about your excellent Rainbow Analyst.” (Consultant, Spain)

“Rainbow Analyst looks fantastic, and useful for us.” (Consultancy manager, UK)

“Thanks for your program it has proved very useful and time saving.” (Consultant, Scotland)

“Rainbow Pro has paid for itself already when it was able to remove 150,000 named ranges (most of them nonsensical) from a very large file that ran out of resources using conventional means”. (Management consultant, UK)

“I really admire this plug-in.” (Web designer / MD, South Africa)

“Thanks for this great tool.” (Management consultant, Germany)

“A wonderful tool.” (Senior accountant, UK)

“My compliments on this tool. It is absolutely GREAT!” (Sarbanes Oxley consultant, USA)

“It really is a great product and recently saved my bacon by finding a $500,000 error in my budget for next year. An error of this amount would have had a major impact on our results.” (Financial controller, Australia)

“I tried it out on 2 large files and I have bought it for the comparisons alone! Truly an excellent addin, thank you very much.” (Government actuary, UK)

“Up until now it has taken us days to trawl through models but your add-in has reduced this to a matter of hours. It is very powerful and well worth the money.” (Treasury manager, Australia)

Corporate users

Rainbow Analyst Professional has been designed for corporate use by spreadsheet designers, developers and users. It is currently being used in offices around the world by organisations ranging from individual consultancies to large global corporations. Corporate customers who have purchased a Rainbow Analyst Professional site licence include:

  • The audit and accounting functions of a US$45 billion global automobile manufacturing company based in India, with total sales of over 1.2 million vehicles.
  • The worldwide audit function of one of the major global accounting organisations, with operations extending across 167 countries and territories, and fee income approaching US$10 billion.
  • A premium house building company which in 2019 sold over 700 homes in developments located around central England.
  • The Data Analytics function of the public Audit Office of one of the UK’s four countries, responsible for auditing the accounts of public bodies and reporting on service delivery.
  • The Internal Audit department of the world’s largest independent exploration and production (E&P) company, with operations and activities in 17 countries.
  • The Commercial Evaluation team of a major life science group comprising over 200 consolidated companies in 79 countries around the world.
  • One of the largest economic consultancies in Europe, with offices in Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, Köln, London, Madrid and Paris.
  • The business assurance team of a well-known British multinational automotive company with about 45,000 employees.
  • The Enterprise IT department of a leading aerospace technology company with about 35,000 employees in the UK.
  • A subsidiary of one of Germany’s leading energy suppliers with 1,000 employees and sales of around €520 million.
  • The Performance Team of an NHS trust in London with a budget of £300 million, serving a local population of almost 1.5 million people.
  • A Moscow-based foundation providing funding and resources to support up to 400 online startup initiatives.
  • A reinsurance company based in Canada, with gross premiums exceeding Can$250 million and assets of more than Can$1,000 million.
  • One of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States, serving about 15 million people in California.
  • The UK member firm of the world’s fifth largest largest accountancy organisation, for use by more than 1,000 auditors based in their offices across the UK.
  • The UK office of a real estate fund management group with transactions totalling some €7 billion across 17 European countries.
  • The German operation of one of the global “big five” auditing and advisory firms. In Germany this firm has more than 6,000 employees at over 15 locations.
  • An Australian water company responsible for managing more than Aus$8 billion in water supply, sewerage and drainage assets for nearly 4 million customers.
  • The Netherlands head office of a global investment management firm with over €40 billion under management.
  • An Australian insurance company with offices in 45 countries and more than 10,000 staff worldwide.
  • The UK offices of one of the “big four” global real estate advisers, with a team of over 12,500 property professionals and a system operating across 150 cities in 45 countries.
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