In Rainbow 12.2 we’ve focused on spreadsheet calculations, with two new features. One gives you precise control over how you run calculations, and the other lets you see how calculations are repeated throughout a spreadsheet.

The new Calc Manager function lets you manage calculations in ways that are not possible with the ordinary Excel menu system. For instance as you can see above, you can calculate specific ranges or worksheets, or disable calculation of selected worksheets, or force Excel to reset calculations for all open workbooks. So if you’re working on a large spreadsheet that takes some time to recalculate, you can now recalculate just the sections that you need, and avoid wasting time on areas that are not relevant.

The other new feature is an extension to Rainbow’s core Formula Scan function. As you can see in column C above, Formula Scan can now assign a reference number (“Fx#”) to each unique formula in your spreadsheet. Each formula is then highlighted in the appropriate colour, so you can see immediately how calculations are repeated across the spreadsheet. And if for instance certain worksheets are meant to have the same calculations, you can easily confirm this just by visual inspection.

And we have implemented this new Formula Scan feature without any significant increase in run-time. So Formula Scan continues to be a very fast and effective way to gain key insights into the structure of your spreadsheet calculations.