Rainbow’s Formula Scan function lets you see instantly where there are inconsistent formulas that differ from the surrounding cells. So in the composite screenshot above, you can see there is a block of inconsistent formulas highlighted in red. And if you look at the formula bar, you can see the problem: there is a hardcoded “- 330” at the end of the formula. This is not present in the surrounding formulas highlighted in green.

Of course you could manually copy the correct “green” formula to overwrite the incorrect “red” formula, but it would be too easy to copy over other formulas by mistake. So Rainbow’s Issue Tracker can now do the copying for you, as well as letting you check and annotate other issues found by the Formula Scan and/or Risk Map functions.

Edit FmlaAll you need do is let Issue Tracker find the start of the incorrect formula (in this case cell J42), and then click one of the Edit Fmla buttons to copy either the formula on the left or the formula above. Issue Tracker will find all the nearby matching (incorrect) formulas, and automatically overwrite them with the selected correct formula, leaving you with a consistent block of correct formulas (and no hard-coding!) as shown here.

This is just one of many ways that Rainbow can streamline your workflow; why not try it for yourself?