Save 20% and get answers faster

Save 20% and get answers faster

As it’s still the holiday season, we’re offering 20% off Finance and Business licences for the latest version (9.2.4) of Rainbow Pro until September 12th! And for this you get our fastest ever implementation of the Summary Report; particularly if your spreadsheet is data-heavy, the Summary Report will now zip through in a fraction of the time that it took before.

We’ve also honed the Lone formulas report (renamed from Lone cells) that accompanies the Summary Report, to make it better targeted and easier to understand, and we’ve added new options in the Summary Report dialog box so you can make it do exactly what you want. You can see all this in the screenshot above, with a section of the Summary Report in the top half, and the Lone formulas report in the lower half.

This Summary Report completed in less than two seconds, but as shown in column I of the main report (upper half of the screenshot) it has identified 10 lone formulas buried in the middle of the calculations. And as you can see from the first three of these (in column D in the lower half of the screenshot) many of them involve a hard-coded “adjustment” which clearly needs to be investigated. It would probably have taken a full morning’s work to find all these by manual inspection, so why not turbo-charge your own spreadsheet auditing with a Rainbow Pro licence at 20% off the normal price?

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