Spreadsheet models

Following are examples of some spreadsheet models developed by Mike over the course of his career:

  • Trading terms evaluation
  • Pricing decision support
  • Transport franchise bid
  • Power generation industry
  • Debt restructuring
  • Payroll and tax grossing-up
  • Lease evaluation and rental adjustment
  • Management accounting and consolidation

Trading terms evaluation

A trading terms model for a leading food and confectionery manufacturer. The model enabled the client to see the real cost of its trading terms with different distributors and retailers, and to evaluate the effect of proposed new terms.

Pricing decision support

A model which simulated the process by which pricing decisions were taken at a leading hardware manufacturer. The model enabled the company to implement a pan-European pricing strategy which eliminated cross-border pricing anomalies and improved overall profitability.

Transport franchise bid

An investment appraisal model for a company bidding to acquire a passenger rail franchise. The model incorporated the contractual terms of the franchise and generated a set of projected financial statements plus calculations of discounted net present value. Printouts from the model formed part of the final franchise bid submission.

Power generation industry

A large multiple-file model of the UK electricity generation industry, which Mike partly rewrote, developing a set of transparent interface routines and replacing some of the calculations with C code. This reduced the run-time from about 30 minutes to about 5 minutes.

Debt restructuring

A spreadsheet representation of a complex legal document representing a major debt restructuring agreement for a consortium of banks in the Middle East. The model provided assistance in finalising the terms of the agreement, and was then used as an operational system to calculate the allocation of repayments under the agreement.

Payroll and tax grossing-up

A spreadsheet-based payroll system for expatriate staff of a major Japanese conglomerate. The system involved calculation of net pay from rules and tables, grossing up for UK tax, and production of payroll and internal accounting documentation.

Lease evaluation and rental adjustment

A complex model to demonstrate the financial effects of certain back-to-back lease and hire purchase transactions entered into by an international mining company. The model provided for various methods of evaluation and for automatic calculation of lease rental adjustments, and it was used as evidence in legal proceedings.

Management accounting and consolidation

A computerised management accounting system for the retail operation of a major car importer, with two levels of automatic consolidation.

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