Other projects

Mike has also been responsible for a wide variety of other modelling and decision support work:

  • Planning and valuation model
  • Corporate restructuring model
  • Investment appraisal workshop
  • Rail transport model (in PC Express)
  • Executive information system (in Holos)
  • Multi-dimensional planning model (in Holos and C)

Planning and valuation model

Mike managed the development of a group planning model for a mining group with interests in a number of countries. The model represented both the operating characteristics of various mines and the financing and taxation positions in the relevant countries, and it provided a report of the overall consolidated results. It enabled senior management to assess the group’s cash requirements in the medium to long term, and to determine a valuation for the purpose of raising external finance.

Corporate restructuring model

For a series of proposed acquisitions and divestments by a major manufacturer, Mike managed the review of the client’s forecasting models. Because of the extreme complexity of the client’s models, Mike initiated and managed the development of a simplified model, which continued to be used throughout the series of transactions.

Investment appraisal workshop

For a large power generator, Mike managed a project to define the business issues and financial modelling requirements around a proposed overseas investment. He organised and facilitated a workshop attended by key decision makers which enabled them to reach agreement on the issues to be modelled. The results of the workshop were then translated into a model specification.

Rail transport model (in PC Express)

Mike designed the architecture of a high-level multi-dimensional financial model for use by several organisations involved in the rail network privatisation. This model comprised a number of integrated modules representing the various organisations involved, enabling users to assess the effect of different options on the privatisation as a whole. Mike also led the project team in developing and rolling out the model.

Executive information system (in Holos)

In delivering a multi-dimensional Executive Information System for a major professional firm, Mike’s responsibilities involved designing a large and highly complex set of data structures, and fronting them with a simple and intuitive navigation and reporting interface. Mike went on to lead the project team which developed and implemented the system on time and within budget.

Multi-dimensional planning model (in Holos and C)

This was a complex multi-dimensional ten year planning model for a major power generation utility, using linear programming optimisation techniques. Mike researched and validated a method of combining linear programming with iterative approximation, which considerably shortened model run times without significant loss of accuracy. Mike then led the project team which developed the model, involving both client staff and outside contractors.

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