Watch Rainbow Analyst in action

Watch Rainbow Analyst in action

It can take a while to get your head around what the various functions in Rainbow Analyst Professional 7.2 can do for you. So on our new Demo page we’ve put together a series of short (3-4 minutes) videos on YouTube to demonstrate how some key Rainbow functions can uncover problems and errors in a real-world spreadsheet.

As well as watching the videos, you can download the spreadsheet that we’ve used and follow each step in the videos for yourself:

  • ISP Sample Model 02 (Note: If prompted by Excel when you first open the spreadsheet, please click Enable Editing and Enable Content.)

These videos only skim the surface of what Rainbow can do, so if you need more information you can simply go to the on-screen help for any Rainbow function (click the Help button), or consult the full Rainbow 7.2 User Guide.

Note: For optimum viewing, click the Full screen button (bottom right of the video window), then click the Settings cog wheel and select 720p HD quality.

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