Version 7.2.1 speeds up risk analysis

Version 7.2.1 speeds up risk analysis

We’ve now released Rainbow Analyst Professional 7.2.1, which lets you analyse risks in your spreadsheet in just two clicks using Rainbow’s “Map Risks” function! We realised that the 28 different Map Risks analysis options could be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve picked out 7 of the most popular options and set them as the default when you first click the Map Risks button, as you can see in the composite screen shot above.

So you can just click Map Risks, then OK, and Rainbow will analyse your spreadsheet for 7 key risks. Of course you can still quickly select a different set of risks to analyse; we’ve made this easier too, with simpler and clearer labels for the three key “preset” buttons (Inconsistent precedents, Problematic formulas, and Suspicious formatting), and by highlighting the Favourites button (as above) to show when it’s selected. And if you want a different set of “favourite” risks to come up as the default when you click the Map Risks button, all you need do is select them and click Save favourites.

Another thing you’ll notice in the screen shot above is that in the Preferences dialog box, under the Map Risks tab, we’ve let you select whether to include formatting (number format) differences in the Inconsistent precedent copies and Precedent block inconsistencies reports. By default this option is turned off, which generally results in shorter and clearer reports.

A further change to the Preferences dialog box is that under the General tab we’ve added the option to Disable hyperlink warnings. By default this option is turned on, which means that when you click on one of the hyperlinks in Rainbow’s reports, it will take you straight to the relevant cell in the spreadsheet you’re analysing, without an annoying warning message from Excel.

The final improvement in this version is that we’ve moved to using a much more sophisticated installer for Rainbow, which lets us add a proper digital signature. So when you download and double-click the Rainbow installer file, Windows will recognise that it has a valid digital certificate issued to me (Mike Shallcross) as the publisher of Rainbow Analyst, instead of warning “Publisher Unknown”.

I’m committed to making Rainbow simple to use without compromising on its sophisticated analysis, and I hope you’ll agree this latest release is a further step in this direction. So do head over to our Home page and click the Download button!

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