Use this report to find hidden inconsistencies

Use this report to find hidden inconsistencies

We’ve now completed the initial coding for the powerful new analysis options in Map Risks (in Rainbow 7.2) that can help you find inconsistent references in your spreadsheets. The screenshot above shows the “Inconsistent precedent copies” report, which finds inconsistencies between the precedents of copied formulas.

You can see in the first line that cell E8 is copied from cell E6, but one of its precedents (cell D10 in sheet Control) is a numeric value, formatted as “General”, whereas the corresponding precedent for cell E6 is a date value, formatted as “d-mmm-yy”. Clearly this could represent a potential error which would need to be checked, and I’m sure you will realise that this new report can help you find several similar types of possible error:

  • incorrect references to blank cells at the start of a block of copied formulas;
  • incorrect references to blank cells at the end of a copied block;
  • use of relative instead of absolute references resulting in failure to reference a constant value;
  • references accidentally crossing over into a different block (as indicated by change in formatting);
  • accidental inclusion of values of a different type (e.g. date, text) within a numeric block.

So just this one analysis option can help you find a whole range of potential hidden errors. And you’ll also notice that we have improved the Map Risks dialog box since our last post, so you can now decide which analysis options are the ones you want to use regularly, and save them as your favourites, so you don’t have to set them manually each time.

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