Two new versions of Rainbow Analyst

We have just released two new versions of Rainbow Analyst for the New Year! Both the Professional and the Personal versions have been upgraded:

  • The new Professional version 6.0 is fully integrated with Microsoft’s Ribbon interface (for Excel and Office 2007), and it incorporates other improvements which we think represent overall a major advance in usability. For more details see below and on other pages.
  • The new Personal version (version 3.4) now incorporates Inter-Sheet Logic and Comparison functions as well as other improvements, and it is still completely free for personal, non-commercial use.

You can download and try out both versions on our Download page; and if you’re a spreadsheet professional using Excel 2003 or earlier, we are continuing to offer our well-established Professional version 5.1.

If you’re currently an individual (single licence) user of Rainbow Analyst Professional version 5.1, you can upgrade to version 6.0 without charge. If you are a corporate (site licence) user, please contact us for upgrade information.

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