Track down those #REF! errors

Track down those #REF! errors

You know how annoying it can be when one of Excel’s cell errors (#REF!, #DIV/0!, #N/A and so on) creeps into your spreadsheet, and as soon as it recalculates, the whole spreadsheet seems to be filled with error values. With a large or complex spreadsheet, it can be difficult to track down all the cells where the errors originate, even with Excel’s Trace Error function.

Now with this new “Error values” report (shown above) in Rainbow’s Map Risks function, you can immediately see all cells which are the source of error values (highlighted in yellow on the report), and you can click the corresponding hyperlinks (underlined in blue in the Cell column) to jump straight to the offending cell and start fixing the problem.

For the other error cells, the report shows you how they derived their error values. Or if you prefer, you can choose (in Preferences) to show only the error source cells, and ignore the derived values.

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