Sharing Rainbow reports in version 11.3

Sharing Rainbow reports in version 11.3

Rainbow users have sometimes asked me whether it’s OK to share Rainbow reports with colleagues who don’t have Rainbow, or whether you need to have Rainbow installed in order to view the reports.

The short answer is that Rainbow reports are simply Excel worksheets, and they can be shared with anyone who has Microsoft Excelâ„¢ installed. However, there’s also a longer answer, because most Rainbow reports contain buttons (such as the Help button on the right of the composite screenshot above) which call on part of the Rainbow program code, and clearly these buttons won’t work for someone who doesn’t have Rainbow installed.

Occasionally there can be a problem even if you send a Rainbow report to a colleague who also uses Rainbow, if they have a completely different version of Rainbow from you (e.g. Rainbow Governance rather than Rainbow Professional), because the report won’t find the Rainbow add-in file that it’s looking for.

So in version 11.3 we have added a small function called Toggle Rainbow Links, which enables you to remove and/or add back a Visual Basic link to Rainbow, if for any reason you find yourself with a Rainbow report where the link isn’t working. As shown in the composite screenshot above, this function will first confirm whether or not a link exists, and then allow you to add or remove it.

And of course if you’re sending a Rainbow report to a colleague who definitely doesn’t have Rainbow, you can (if you really want to) simply remove the buttons; just right-click on each button, then select Cut.

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