Rainbow version 8.0 coming soon

Rainbow version 8.0 coming soon

Over the past few months we’ve been working on the next release of Rainbow, which will have so many new features that we’ve decided to badge it as version 8.0. As you can see from the the screenshot above, we’ve reorganised the Rainbow ribbon, and added several new functions.

Two of these, the Data Explorer and Macro Explorer, utilise a new type of interactive report. This is still in the form of an Excel worksheet, but it gives you the flexibility of a Windows Explorer-style interface that lets you click a button to drill down to the details of any (data or macro) item. And we’ve used the same technology to make the Names Toolbox function much more user-friendly (and powerful) than its predecessor in version 7.2.

We’ve also added a whole new analysis capability to the Logic Map (previously Dependency Map) function. And behind the scenes we’ve made a couple of other significant changes:

  • Something that several users have asked for – we’ve added automatic column insertion as well as row insertion to the Compare Worksheets function. At the same time we’ve worked on the algorithm for detecting insertions, to make it faster and more flexible.
  • We’ve moved storage of user preferences from the add-in file itself to the Windows Registry, which has allowed us to link the licence key to your name and email rather than your Office user name. And it also means you can choose to put the add-in file in your system-level XLSTART folder if you want it to be available to all users on your computer.

Rainbow 8.0 will be released in the next week or so (and we’ll publish further details about all the new features), but in the meantime we’ve also corrected a minor issue with version 7.2, which was preventing display of some dependents in Cell Inspector. And there’s no need to wait for version 8.0; if you purchase a licence for version 7.2 now, you will be entitled to a free upgrade to version 8.0!

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