Rainbow Pro 8.1 easier for new users

Rainbow Pro 8.1 easier for new users

We’re very proud of Rainbow Pro’s rich set of analysis functions, but a few users have told us they have found it difficult to know which functions to use, and they would like something simpler. So we’ve responded to this by releasing Rainbow Pro version 8.1, which has a dual-menu system, as you can see from the composite Rainbow Pro screenshot above.

The first (top) version of the Rainbow tab is what we’re calling the Standard menu, and it’s what you’ll now see when you first install Rainbow Pro 8.1. It has all of Rainbow’s most important functions, arranged in clearly labelled groups to make it easy for the new user to get started without having to read through the User Guide first.

At the end of the Standard menu is the Switch Menu button, which makes it very simple for you to switch to what we’re calling the Advanced menu, shown under the Standard menu above. If you’ve used earlier versions of Rainbow, you’ll recognise this as what used to be the normal Rainbow tab, with every single one of Rainbow’s functions plus the Switch Menu button at the end (to switch back to the Standard Menu).

Rainbow keeps a note of which menu you last used, so if you prefer the Advanced menu, you can just switch to it once and it will be there every time when you start Rainbow. We hope this will satisfy both the experts and those who are looking for a simple easy-to-use analysis tool.

As usual there are also a few other minor enhancements in version 8.1. In particular it’s now possible to include multiple users in a single licence, so if you order more than one copy of Rainbow, it’s no longer necessary to provide details of each user individually. We hope this will make it simpler to purchase Rainbow for corporate use.

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