Rainbow Pro 8.0 released

Rainbow Pro 8.0 released

As you’ll have seen from other pages of our website, we’ve now released Rainbow Analyst Professional (Rainbow Pro) version 8.0. In addition to the various new features mentioned in our previous post, we’ve used this opportunity to introduce a more flexible pricing structure, based on a range of license types and periods.

In this and subsequent posts we’re going to look at some of the new features in version 8.0, and this post looks at the new Logic Map function. This highlights each cell in two colours, indicating:

  • the cell’s dependency type (i.e. input, working, output, or label), and
  • the actual number of the cell’s dependents (for cells which are inputs or workings).

In the very simple example shown in the composite screenshot above, you can see that cells C10:H10 are all input cells, as indicated by the yellow highlighting in the left half of each cell. But the colour in the right half of cell C10 is different from the colour in the right half of cells D10:G10, indicating that it has a different number of dependents.

We can quickly check the actual numbers of dependents by selecting each cell and clicking the Find Colours button. As shown above, this indicates that cell C10 has two dependents (the “Group 02” colour) and cell D10 has four (the “Group 04” colour). And we can then use the Cell Inspector function to work out that this is because cell D10 has two dependents in the formula in cell D11 underneath, whereas cell C11 does not contain any calculation.

So in this case there is a simple and innocent explanation for the different numbers of dependents, but you can see that in a more complex spreadsheet this could well point to an important inconsistency or omission. And for those eagle-eyed readers who spotted that the right half of cell H10 is also a different (“Group 03”) colour, this is because it is at the end of a row and so does not have any dependents in cell I11.

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