Rainbow Analyst 7.2 now released

Rainbow Analyst 7.2 now released

We are delighted to announce the release of the latest version 7.2 of Rainbow Analyst Professional! As trailed in previous posts, this features a major upgrade of the Map Risks function, of which the new dialog box is shown above. This now offers an array of 28 sophisticated analysis options to help you detect risks and errors more thoroughly than ever before; we will be writing much more about this later, and in the meantime you can read full details in the Rainbow version 7.2 User Guide.

We have also upgraded one of Rainbow’s most popular features; the Summary Report. As you can see from the screenshot above, this now provides much more complete information about the workbook as a whole, and we have also added two extra information items (array formulas and lookup functions) to the worksheet-level information. In addition, the Summary Report now adds explanatory comments (two of which are shown above) to help point you to other Rainbow functions for more detailed analysis.

Some of the other enhancements which help make version 7.2 the most interactive and user-friendly version we have ever released are as follows:

  • Most of Rainbow’s reports now feature a hyperlink on each row which you can click to jump directly to the relevant cell in the workbook being analysed, so you can quickly and easily flip between the workbook and the Rainbow report.
  • Similarly the Cell Inspector function now actually takes you to each precedent or dependent cell in the workbook, so you can see the flow of logic directly on your screen.
  • Formula Groups has an option to show the cell description from Cell Inspector on each row, to make it easier to see what each cell represents.
  • Preferences now gives you even more control over how Rainbow operates, including an option for handling situations where a cell has so many dependents that it is significantly slowing Rainbow’s analysis.
  • Format Editor has a new function (linked to the corresponding analysis option in Map Risks) to convert to numbers any text strings like ¥1000 or 568ml.

So please download version 7.2 and try it out; we’re confident you will be impressed!

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