Rainbow 7.0 on the way

Rainbow 7.0 on the way

That’s right, we have now added so many new features to the forthcoming release of Rainbow that we will be badging it as Rainbow 7.0 instead of 6.3. We have overhauled not only the colour management system (as detailed in our last post), but also the sub-systems for workbook management and error logging.

There’s now a Rainbow log file which will record details in the unlikely event of a system error, and (more importantly for most users) it will keep a note of sheets, rows and columns which have been unhidden or (sheets) unprotected. So if you need to check what was in those hidden ranges, or re-apply protection, you can find the information you need in a couple of clicks.

The image above shows the new Rainbow log viewer, and you can also see what else is new on the Rainbow 7.0 tab. We’ll be providing full details of all the new features soon!

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