Rainbow 10.0 adds perpetual licence

Rainbow 10.0 adds perpetual licence

For Rainbow 10, we’ve responded to requests from a number of users for Rainbow to include a perpetual licence. So all Rainbow version 10 licences will now allow you to continue using the same version of Rainbow even after the licence period has expired (but you will not be able to install any updates released after your licence expiry). And instead of the previous Student licences, we are now offering low-cost no-maintenance licences starting from just:

  • £14 for a Business licence, or
  • £29 for a Finance licence.

So as you can see in the composite screenshot above, when you click User Guide and About Rainbow, the licence information will tell you exactly when your entitlement to support and updates is due to end. And to make updating even easier, we have introduced a Check For Updates function which tells you your current Rainbow version and the latest version, and offers to install the update for you if you are still within your entitlement period.

The other main change in version 10 is that Rainbow (unlike most VBA-based add-ins) now supports the use of your mouse scroll wheel. You will notice this most obviously in the Analysis Wheel function, where you can now simply scroll through the numerous analysis options rather than having to click the buttons. But it also affects the pop-up Help screens for all Rainbow functions and reports; you can now easily scroll through the help text, rather than having to use the cursor keys.

If you have a current licence for Rainbow version 8 or 9, you can upgrade to version 10 free of charge (and users of version 7 or earlier can purchase a no-maintenance licence and get updates for one year free of charge). So don’t wait – upgrade to version 10 today!

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