New Rainbow Analyst Professional release 6.1

We have just released version 6.1 of Rainbow Analyst Professional, with many new features to improve your spreadsheet auditing experience! The most important addition is the new Manage Names function, which supplements Excel’s Name Manager by giving you:

  • An interactive report listing all defined names, even hidden ones, and showing which of them are actually used (referenced) in the current spreadsheet.
  • The ability to perform specific operations on selected names with a few mouse clicks, e.g. to delete all names which are not currently used, or all invalid (#REF!) names.
  • A sophisticated function that will convert references to all or specified names into the referred-to value of the name. So for example if you have defined the name “Tomorrow” with the value “=TODAY()+1”, and cell C3 contains the formula “=Tomorrow”, Rainbow will replace this with “=(TODAY()+1)”.

Other new features in this latest release include the following:

  • The Report Links function has been expanded to report on two more types of object than can be very significant in auditing a spreadsheet: (1) pivot, data and query tables, with details about the source of the data, and (2) buttons, controls, charts and other graphics, with details of any macro functions that are called.
  • The Summary Report has had makeover: as well as a re-style for better readability, it now also lists circular references and macro buttons, and it highlights results (e.g. long formulas, or error values) that are likely to indicate possible issues in the spreadsheet.
  • Nearly all Rainbow’s reports are now formatted as data tables, meaning that you can easily sort them or filter the contents to see only the rows that you’re interested in, and all reports have also been updated to reflect the current Excel styles, giving them a much more modern look.

There are numerous other minor fixes and enhancements, and we will post further details shortly. In the meantime you can check out the Version 6.1 User Guide, and download version 6.1 for yourself. If you have a single-user licence for version 6.0, you can upgrade for free; if you have a corporate site licence, please email for upgrade information.

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