New Rainbow Analyst 7.0 released

New Rainbow Analyst 7.0 released

We are proud to release the latest version 7.0 of Rainbow Analyst Professional, with many new features including:

  • Multiple colours per cell;
  • Colour identification and tracking;
  • Quick file clean-up;
  • Integrated “file save as”;
  • Random and periodic data sampling;
  • Automatic event logging;
  • Improved workbook/sheet selection;
  • Full keyboard shortcuts.

The biggest change, and one that affects most of Rainbow’s functions, is the new colour management engine, which enables Rainbow to display multiple colours in each cell. This feature is integrated with the new Find Colours function, which gives an immediate read-out of the colours in the selected cell and enables searching for further cells with the same colour(s). So in the example above, the Find Colours function confirms that cell D12 is an intermediate working calculation, number 7 in Rainbow’s list of formula groups, and it contains a hard-coded single-digit number.

Rainbow’s list of formula groups now shows the colour assigned to each group, so you can use this to find any formula group in the current spreadsheet. Simply click the colour for a particular group in the report, identify it using the Find Colours function, and then switch from the report to the current spreadsheet, and click Next Block on the Find Colours dialog box (shown above).

Another big change that affects several Rainbow functions is the new Rainbow log file. As well as logging diagnostic information, this records details of sheets, rows and columns unhidden and unprotected, and defined names converted or deleted. You can view the log file from the Rainbow menu, so this makes it easy to check the contents of (for instance) any previously hidden rows and columns.

A completely new feature in Rainbow 7.0 is the Sample Data function, which will be very useful if you are auditing the data in a spreadsheet (rather than the spreadsheet itself). This function makes it very easy to select a given number of data samples, using either random or periodic selection. Rainbow generates a report with all the selected samples, and (as you would expect) it colours the sample rows on the data spreadsheet.

There are many more new features in Rainbow 7.0, which we will be covering in further posts in due course. In the meantime you can read the full details in the Rainbow 7.0 User Guide, or even better you can download a free trial copy.

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