New features in version 6.0

Many professional Excel users have continued to use Excel 2003 rather than migrating to the completely new Ribbon interface in Excel 2007. However, in Rainbow Analyst Professional version 6.0 we have recognised that an increasing number are making the move, and we have upgraded Rainbow Analyst to take full advantage of the Ribbon interface.

Rainbow tab

The new version version occupies a separate “Rainbow” tab on the Ribbon (click above to see the full-size image), which has allowed us to arrange and group Rainbow’s functions much more clearly than on the previous drop-down menu. There is also a “supertip” for each function which briefly explains its use when you hover the mouse over it.

Cell mapping

The new version has also enabled us to implement interactive functionality in place of two Rainbow features that used to involve a slightly clunky use of Excel worksheets. The first such feature is the set of cell mapping options that determine how Rainbow colours or maps different types or groups of cells. You can now view and interactively edit all these options from the Cell Mapping button on the Ribbon (as above). And if you have created a Rainbow map and want to check what the different colours mean, you can now do so quickly and easily by clicking the Cell Mapping button.

Help screen

The other Rainbow function that is now interactive is the User Guide. We realised that most users were not making much use of this, and so we have now made available nearly all sections of the User Guide in the form of context-sensitive help, which can be accessed from the new Help button on nearly all dialog boxes.

In addition to these changes, we have also included a number of other minor enhancements:

  • a date and time stamp on all reports (as shown on our Example page;
  • a message advising when the Compare Worksheets function has not found any matching sheets to compare;
  • improvements in the way Rainbow deals with protected sheets and chart sheets.

So if you’re using Excel 2007, go to our Downloads page and try version 6.0 for yourself!

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