Improved risk detection coming in Rainbow 7.2

Improved risk detection coming in Rainbow 7.2

As you can see from the screen image above, the next version of Rainbow (version 7.2, scheduled for release in December) will give you a much greater range of risk detection capabilities using the Map Risks function.

Colour ChartThe new Map Risks function will be able to analyse 28 different potential risks, and the new risk categories are not just simple cell characteristics; they include complex analysis of the underlying patterns and logic. In particular, as shown above, Rainbow will enable you to detect many errors where a formula references the wrong precedents, such as:

  • omitting to reference part of a block of cells;
  • incorrectly including cells which are of a different type;
  • wrong precedents due to failure to use absolute references;
  • forward-looking references (which can indicate problematic logic).

You can also see from the screenshot above that the new Map Risks function will offer much improved usability in several ways:

  • All 28 risk categories will be accessed through a single dialog box (rather than the three sub-menu items in Rainbow 7.0);
  • Four “preset” buttons will enable you quickly and easily to select groups of options relating to precedents, formulas, formatting, and cell type mapping;
  • You can choose for Rainbow to add a comment to each cell, showing all the relevant cell characteristics (e.g. cell D12 above is an intermediate calculation and has a row difference);
  • As a result of code optimisation, some Map Risks tests will run more than twice as fast as in Rainbow 7.0.

And of course the new colour management system introduced in Rainbow 7.0 enables each cell to display multiple colours (multiple characteristics), easily identified with the Find Colours function. So we think the new Map Risks function will mark a big advance in Rainbow’s capabilities, and we’re sure you will agree!

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