Do it with fewer clicks in Rainbow Pro 8.0

Do it with fewer clicks in Rainbow Pro 8.0

We’re always looking for ways to make Rainbow easier and quicker to use, and the latest release of Rainbow Pro 8.0 helps you get where you’re going with considerably fewer mouse clicks. Even the Rainbow installer (the RainbowPro.exe file that you download) now makes things much easier; it not only copies the Rainbow add-in file to your Excel add-ins folder, but it also activates the add-in for you. So you don’t have to dive deep into Excel’s menu system; instead, Rainbow is waiting ready for you to use the next time you start Excel.

Another area where we’ve cut out some mouse clicks is in the Names Toolbox function. This provides a range of powerful utilities for defined names, going well beyond the functionality of Excel’s built-in Name Manager. It lists hidden as well as visible names, showing whether each name is actually used in the spreadsheet logic, and as shown in the screenshot above you can then select for each name whether to:

  • make it hidden or visible,
  • report on where it is used in the spreadsheet logic,
  • convert occurrences of it into ordinary cell references,
  • change its scope from global to local or vice-versa,
  • or simply delete it.

In earlier versions of Rainbow, using the Manage Names function, you had to restart the function and select a different option to perform the actions you had selected. But now in Rainbow Pro 8.0, once you have selected the required actions, simply click the Perform Actions button that you can see on the screen, and the job is done!

We’ve also used the same technology to enable on-screen buttons in some other new functions, particularly the Data Explorer and Macro Explorer, which we’ll cover in subsequent posts.

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