Coming next in Rainbow 6.3

We’ve built on some modifications we introduced for a recent corporate client (which we called version 6.2), and in the next couple of months we will be releasing version 6.3. There’s a new File Control group at the beginning of the Rainbow 6.3 tab, which makes it even easier for you to manage your Excel documents and report workbooks.

But the really exciting feature of the new release is that we have completely overhauled Rainbow’s colour management system to make full use of the changes introduced with Excel 2007. There will be 64 colours (from a range of 16 million) for formula and difference groups, instead of the present 24 colours (from a palette of 54), so Rainbow will handle much larger spreadsheets without running out of colours.

Rainbow will now be able to show multiple colours in one cell, for instance to show that the cell contains (1) a formula with a hard-coded number, and (2) a complex formula and (3) a formula that differs from those around it. And if this sounds potentially complicated, the new Find Colours function will make it very simple to see what the colours mean, and to find other cells where they are used. Click the image on the left to see what this will look like.

There will be many other enhancements, which we will cover later. And of course there is no need to wait for the release of version 6.3; if you buy Rainbow Analyst Professional 6.1 now (either a personal or a corporate licence), there will be no charge to upgrade to version 6.3 when it comes out.

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