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Improved risk detection coming in Rainbow 7.2

Improved risk detection coming in Rainbow 7.2

As you can see from the screen image above, the next version of Rainbow (version 7.2, scheduled for release in December) will give you a much greater range of risk detection capabilities using the Map Risks function. The new Map Risks function will be able to analyse 28 different potential risks, and the new risk… Continue Reading

New Rainbow Analyst 7.0 released

New Rainbow Analyst 7.0 released

We are proud to release the latest version 7.0 of Rainbow Analyst Professional, with many new features including: Multiple colours per cell; Colour identification and tracking; Quick file clean-up; Integrated “file save as”; Random and periodic data sampling; Automatic event logging; Improved workbook/sheet selection; Full keyboard shortcuts. The biggest change, and one that affects most… Continue Reading

Rainbow 7.0 on the way

Rainbow 7.0 on the way

That’s right, we have now added so many new features to the forthcoming release of Rainbow that we will be badging it as Rainbow 7.0 instead of 6.3. We have overhauled not only the colour management system (as detailed in our last post), but also the sub-systems for workbook management and error logging. There’s now… Continue Reading

Coming next in Rainbow 6.3

We’ve built on some modifications we introduced for a recent corporate client (which we called version 6.2), and in the next couple of months we will be releasing version 6.3. There’s a new File Control group at the beginning of the Rainbow 6.3 tab, which makes it even easier for you to manage your Excel… Continue Reading

More new features in Rainbow 6.1

A couple more new features that we’ve added to the latest (6.1.2) release of Rainbow Analyst Professional, to make your spreadsheet audit process as intuitive as possible: A new function (in the Format Editor) that will clear existing colours from your spreadsheet at the click of a mouse, so that you can be sure that… Continue Reading

New Rainbow Analyst Professional release 6.1

We have just released version 6.1 of Rainbow Analyst Professional, with many new features to improve your spreadsheet auditing experience! The most important addition is the new Manage Names function, which supplements Excel’s Name Manager by giving you: An interactive report listing all defined names, even hidden ones, and showing which of them are actually… Continue Reading

Upgrade for Excel 2010

We’ve just released version 6.0.4 of Rainbow Analyst Professional, with fixes for a few minor issues with Excel 2010, particularly the speaker beep when running the Inter-Sheet Logic function. Visit our Download page to upgrade your copy! We’re planning for the next significant upgrade; watch this space, and let us know if there are any… Continue Reading

Two new versions of Rainbow Analyst

We have just released two new versions of Rainbow Analyst for the New Year! Both the Professional and the Personal versions have been upgraded: The new Professional version 6.0 is fully integrated with Microsoft’s Ribbon interface (for Excel and Office 2007), and it incorporates other improvements which we think represent overall a major advance in… Continue Reading

New features in version 6.0

Many professional Excel users have continued to use Excel 2003 rather than migrating to the completely new Ribbon interface in Excel 2007. However, in Rainbow Analyst Professional version 6.0 we have recognised that an increasing number are making the move, and we have upgraded Rainbow Analyst to take full advantage of the Ribbon interface. The… Continue Reading

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