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Two new versions of Rainbow Analyst

We have just released two new versions of Rainbow Analyst for the New Year! Both the Professional and the Personal versions have been upgraded: The new Professional version 6.0 is fully integrated with Microsoft’s Ribbon interface (for Excel and Office 2007), and it incorporates other improvements which we think represent overall a major advance in… Continue Reading

New features in version 6.0

Many professional Excel users have continued to use Excel 2003 rather than migrating to the completely new Ribbon interface in Excel 2007. However, in Rainbow Analyst Professional version 6.0 we have recognised that an increasing number are making the move, and we have upgraded Rainbow Analyst to take full advantage of the Ribbon interface. The… Continue Reading

Rainbow Analyst Professional awarded 5 Stars at and

Following the inclusion of Rainbow Analyst in the Softpedia software database (see earlier news item), Rainbow Analyst Professional has now been awarded 5 Stars at as well as at These are unsolicited ratings, and we are delighted at this further recognition of the quality of our product. Continue Reading

Version 5.1 now Excel® 2007 compatible

We have just released version 5.1 of Rainbow Analyst Professional, and the main news about this release is that it is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007. We have fixed a few issues that made previous releases incompatible with Excel 2007, so you can now use Rainbow Analyst Professional with the latest version of Microsoft Office.… Continue Reading

Free upgrade to Professional version 5

If you are using an earlier version of Rainbow Analyst Professional, you are missing out on a wide range of new features introduced in version 5, not to mention the completely redesigned user interface (see details below on this page). Now that version 5 has been available for over a year, we are offering the… Continue Reading

Rainbow Analyst Personal available free

Are you looking for a simple but powerful spreadsheet checker for casual or home use? Our Rainbow Analyst Personal add-in is now available completely free of charge! It offers many of the key features of our flagship Professional product, such as Formula Groups and Dependencies, in a simple and clear package. Rainbow Analyst Personal has… Continue Reading

New features in version 5.0

The most obvious new feature in version 5.0 of Rainbow Analyst Professional is a completely redesigned front end. Nearly all Rainbow’s functions are now accessed via a dialogue box similar to the one shown here, which lets you change the selected workbook/ worksheet and the output medium (colour, map, report) as well as any function-specific… Continue Reading

The Cell Inspector function

Version 5.0 is the first full version of Rainbow to include the Cell Inspector, an interactive function which displays the precedents and dependents of the currently selected cell, and also provides a best-guess description of the meaning of each cell. It will take you to each precedent or dependent (double-click on the relevant line) so… Continue Reading

The value of quality

Many studies over the past ten years have shown that up to 90% of models contain significant errors. Generally these errors go undetected, but there have been some well-publicised cases where they have resulted in financial loss and embarrassment. For example, an employee at a US investment fund omitted the minus sign on a figure… Continue Reading

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