Find Excel spreadsheet errors with Rainbow Analyst spreadsheet audit tools

Summary report

Excel spreadsheet audit, review and comparison – how “smelly” are your spreadsheets?

Rainbow Analyst is a spreadsheet auditing and visualisation add-in for Microsoft Excel that has been ranked #1 in an independent study at the University of Stuttgart and is in regular use by one of the UK’s largest accounting firms. It can pay for its cost within weeks, as a recent customer told us: “Rainbow Pro has paid for itself already when it was able to remove 150,000 named ranges (most of them nonsensical) from a very large file that ran out of resources using conventional means”.

The latest version of Rainbow Analyst draws on recent work by spreadsheet experts in the Netherlands and Portugal identifying various “bad smells” in spreadsheets that can indicate a heightened risk of error. As you can see above, Rainbow’s Summary Report gives your spreadsheets a quality score based on some of these “smells”, and the Analysis Wheel and Risk Map functions (which you can see on the Rainbow tab below) can detect a wide range of further bad smells in your spreadsheets.

How “smelly” are the spreadsheets that you use every day, or that you develop or review for your clients? Can you afford not to know? Click the button below to download a 30-day free trial of Rainbow Analyst Professional (Rainbow Pro):

Download Rainbow Analyst Professional 9.0, our flagship product for Excel 2007 onwards.

After downloading, simply double-click the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install Rainbow for your copy of Excel. And if you’ve any questions, just visit our Installation page or send us an email.

Save time and costs in auditing, reviewing or comparing Excel spreadsheets

Rainbow Pro tab

Rainbow Analyst is available in two versions: Professional (Rainbow Pro) and Personal. As you can see from the composite screenshot above, Rainbow Pro offers you two different ribbon menus (Standard and Advanced) with a wide range of Excel spreadsheet audit and analysis tools to help you find even the most well-hidden spreadsheet errors. Rainbow Personal has a more basic menu, but still offers many of Rainbow’s core functions. Click the buttons below to check out either version of Rainbow:

Download Rainbow Analyst Professional 9.0, our flagship product for Excel 2007 onwards (30-day free trial).

Download Rainbow Analyst Personal 5, an older version of Rainbow for Excel 2000 onwards (completely free).

After downloading, simply double-click the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install Rainbow for your copy of Excel. And if you still think that you don’t need a tool like Rainbow Analyst, because you can find the errors in your spreadsheets by manual inspection, then try our “Rainbow test” below!

Try the Rainbow test – can you find the hidden error?

Spreadsheet error chart

Many research studies (both academic and commercial) have shown that all spreadsheets contain errors. The screenshot above shows how Rainbow Analyst highlights some potential errors (or “bad smells” as described above), and the fact is that without Excel audit software such as Rainbow Analyst, many spreadsheet errors are likely to go undetected. If you’re not convinced, you can try the Rainbow test for yourself:

It took Rainbow Pro just 4 seconds to highlight this spreadsheet, and we’re willing to bet that it saved you a lot more time than that in finding the error (which you can see very clearly in this unedited screenshot). And this was just a trivial error (that didn’t actually affect the calculated value) in a small spreadsheet; imagine the difference that Rainbow Pro could make with a large spreadsheet where the results actually matter. With prices starting from just £29 for commercial use, can you afford not to have Rainbow Pro on your Excel menu?

Why choose Rainbow?

The slides on the right (which are based on Rainbow Pro version 8.1) illustrate some of Rainbow Pro’s key features; just click on any slide to see more information about the relevant feature.

Of course there are competitor products that have a few features that Rainbow doesn’t have, and Rainbow has some features (such as the Logic Map and the Data Explorer) that our competitors lack. But we think that Rainbow stands out from the crowd for its exceptional usability and user interface. To find out for yourself, just click the button above to download your free trial copy, or go to our Products page to buy a copy for yourself.

And if you’re using Excel 2013 or Office 365 with the free Spreadsheet Inquire add-in, you should probably read this independent report which explains why the Inquire add-in is no substitute for a tool like Rainbow Pro. You’ll see from pp.4-5 of the report that because of the way it looks at formulas, Spreadsheet Inquire wouldn’t even help you find the error in our “Rainbow test” above.

Sniff out spreadsheet “smells” with new Rainbow 9.0

Sniff out spreadsheet “smells” with new Rainbow 9.0

Today we’re proud to release version 9.0 of Rainbow Pro, representing perhaps the most significant upgrade for several years. The most obvious change is that the Rainbow tab on the Excel ribbon menu has a new set of icons in the “flat” style used by current versions of Microsoft Excel and Windows. But beneath the… Continue Reading

New Rainbow Pro 8.2 more intuitive than ever

New Rainbow Pro 8.2 more intuitive than ever

We’re always looking for ways to make Rainbow Pro easier to understand and use, and in the just-released version 8.2 we’ve built on our “interactive reports” technology to deliver a whole new level of product integration. You can see this very clearly in the Summary Report screenshot above, showing the 20 interactive buttons (in column… Continue Reading

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Stop “Too many different cell formats” errors

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10% discount as Rainbow goes to Delft

10% discount as Rainbow goes to Delft

We’ve been a member of the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group (EuSpRIG) for some years, and on 3rd July we’ll be attending the 2014 Annual Conference, where we’ll be giving a brief demonstration of Rainbow Pro in use. So if you’re interested or you’re in the area, please do register and come along for the… Continue Reading

Rainbow Pro 8.1 easier for new users

Rainbow Pro 8.1 easier for new users

We’re very proud of Rainbow Pro’s rich set of analysis functions, but a few users have told us they have found it difficult to know which functions to use, and they would like something simpler. So we’ve responded to this by releasing Rainbow Pro version 8.1, which has a dual-menu system, as you can see… Continue Reading

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